LiveUCF is a community of Christians that gathers on the campus of UCF.  We are a student led congregation and an official UCF organization.  We welcome all people, students and locals, who want to grow in their faith and bring the Gospel and Love of Christ to UCF and East Orlando.



LiveUCF has its roots in a UCF Campus ministry from the early 2000s called Lutheran Student Fellowship.  LSF was one of many groups around the campus attempting to adjust to the growth of the campus and the new budding on-campus life.  By 2010, a handful of the original LSF crew, now working for ministries in Orlando, began to work out a new way to do campus ministry at a University unlike any other in the nation.

Walking Devos & Planning

In the Fall of 2013 we had enough of an idea of where we wanted to go and a core group of folks to start gathering on campus.  We spend a year meeting for devotions, prayer, and planning.  Often we would wander campus praying in various spots and talking as we strolled.  “Walking Church” as we jokingly called it helped continually remind us of how large and unique UCF is!

During these gatherings, we also brainstormed the name “LiveUCF”.  We figured that since we were a group of Christian dedicating to living as Christ on (and around) the campus of UCF, loving and caring for our neighbors, we could just call ourselves LiveUCF.  It stuck and now is a constant reminder that we are people called to Live as Christ.


Worship Launch!  (Legally!)

In the Fall of 2014, after years of planning and a full year of gathering on campus, we became an official UCF student organization and began Wednesday night worship in the Student Union.  Each semester we are assigned a room somewhere in the Union and it has been pretty interesting discovering new blessings and hiccups each assignment provides!  Also, since we only hold worship on campus, the first year taught us that we are a church that doesn’t worship some weeks throughout the year because the Union closes.  So be sure to check the calendar on our home page to see when we don’t gather!


Like most congregations in the world, we wanted to do more than just gather for worship.  We want to be out in the world having fun and serving others as a church.  Early on we established a couple events that are still going on: Tuesday Night Trivia & Weekly Bible Time (it shifts days each semester).  Since then we have also done various service & social events, each one the brainstorm of our leadership.  For sure keep checking our calendar to see what events are coming up in addition to our regular stuff.


As LiveUCF has grown, so has our need for support from other congregations around Florida.  Since we worship on Wednesdays, our leaders are able to make visits to partner churches throughout Florida on weekends.  During those trips we have the opportunity to update folks on our ministry, participate in their worship, interact with youth groups, and raise funding.  When we visit congregations outside the Orlando area, we make a road trip event out of it!

Huge thanks to all our partner congregations and individuals.  Without you all, we couldn’t exist!

Learn more about supporting LiveUCF or hosting a LiveUCF Sunday at your congregation by going to our support page.

Student Leaders & Board of Directors

LiveUCF is a unique church in that it is both a congregation and a UCF student organization.  During our first year we began to work out the best way to govern ourselves as a student-run congregation that wants to be around for years to come.  We have student leaders elected like other groups on campus: President, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer.  These elected people are joined by a few others to direct our ministry, keep us legal on campus, manage worship, and plan/execute events.

In addition to this group, we have a Board of Directors that help us exist as an official Church.  This group includes student leaders and members of Partner Churches.  They manage the budget, finances, and government paperwork so we can exist for years to come.

Thanks to all past and current leaders – you are a blessing!

Laura Blank

Outreach Minister

Hi! I’m Laura and I am the Outreach Minister for LiveUCF. I was born and raised in Colorado, but I have only skied once in my life. I attended college at Concordia University in Seward Nebraska. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Middle Level Education. I also received my Lutheran Teacher’s Diploma and a minor in theology. I spent two years teaching 5th grade in Clinton Township, MI and moved to Florida after getting married to my wonderful husband, David, in the summer of 2013. We have one child, Christian, who I am sure you will see at a Live event at some point. In my spare time I enjoy running, reading, cooking & baking, and spending time with family and friends. I am very excited to be a part of the LiveUCF team. I love watching students grow closer to Christ and talking through life’s ups and downs with them. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at  303.895.9478

Gene Kruckemyer

UCF Staff Representative for LiveUCF

Gene Kruckemyer is the news editor in UCF News & Information, the primary media and public relations office for the university. He grew up in Orlando and graduated from the university when it was known as Florida Technological University. He worked at the Orlando Sentinel and Sanford Herald newspapers before joining News & Information in 2011, and also was a journalism adjunct instructor for 10 years in UCF’s Nicholson School of Communication, where he taught writing and editing. Outside of UCF, he co-founded the Love Your Shorts Film Festival, which screens short films from Florida and around the world each February in Sanford. His wife, Nancy, is a lifelong educator and has spent most of her career teaching and directing at Lutheran schools. He can be reached at his office in Central Florida Research Park or at